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White Papers for EZOfficeInventory; the leading asset tracking software.


1. How SMBs Benefit From Asset Tracking Software

asset tracking software

Summary: SMBs benefit from asset tracking in a number of ways. It helps them increase efficiency, enhance control, lower costs, and ensure their asset management solution operates within a larger managerial infrastructure. EZOfficeInventory offers a cloud-based solution to any SMB’s asset management problems. Download here »


4. EZOfficeInventory Case Studies: KAYAK

Asset Tracking Software KAYAK

Summary: This case study talks about the way EZOfficeInventory has enabled travel fare aggregator KAYAK to increase operational efficiency and streamline workflows, helping create a viable managerial ecosystem. This ensures that IT Support at KAYAK has all the right tools to get the job done right every time! Download here »

2. How The Construction Industry Benefits From Asset Tracking Software

asset tracking software

Summary: Some of the problems faced by the construction industry include theft, difficulty staying within a budget and on schedule, the inability to manage risks effectively, and poor compliance with safety standards because of ineffectual planning or limited foresight. Asset tracking helps the industry overcome all these problems and more. Download here » 

3. Asset Tracking Software For The Education Sector

asset tracking software

Summary: K12s and universities spend a lot of money replacing stolen technology or poorly maintained equipment. Asset tracking software ensures fewer lost or stolen assets, a regularly stocked inventory, and routine maintenance that enhances equipment longevity. This can improve the quality of education by removing blockages and lowering disruptions in the educational process. Download here »


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