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Can I check-in/checkout multiple assets using one main asset?

Use Packages to manage multiple assets that are clamped together, such that they are always checked out and checked-in together e.g. a Camera, lens and batteries. Assets in a package cannot be checked in/out individually. The entire package will be checked in/out whenever one associated asset is checked in/out. You can enable packages from Settings → Add Ons.

Example: Now if you plan to use some items together. Say a laptop bag, laptop and it’s charger can be packaged together. See image below:

Items in a package will always be checked-out/in or reserved together as these items behave as one asset. However, you can re-assemble i.e. break or remake the package (packaged items have to be available) when required (see image below).

Note: You can only include items that are not checked out, in maintenance or have outstanding reservations.

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