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Can I use a barcode scanner (optionally with: bluetooth / mobile / iOS / Android)

Yes you can. The only condition is it must be HID compatible and programmable (to add ‘@’ sign before and after the scan). You will want to enable Settings -> AddOns-> Hardware Integration for optimizing the behavior although the scanner can work without it as well.

To use the scanner with the mobile app

Configure the scanner to place an ‘@’ sign before and after the scan result. Enable the Settings -> Add-Ons -> Barcode Scanner option in EZOfficeInventory.┬áThen pair the scanner with your device and open our mobile app. Click the main menu button and touch the ‘Use External Scanner’ button, and starting using the scanner to scan!

To use the scanner with the browser

You’ll want to enable the Settings -> AddOns -> Cart. Then configure the scanner to place an ‘@’ sign before and after the scan eg, for barcode 1234, it should return @1234@. Now you’re ready to start using the scanner. To look up a single item, click the search textfield, scan the barcode and then click the search icon.

Or to pull up multiple items, go to Cart, click the Add Items textfield, and then start scanning the barcodes of items. Once done click Add.

Learn more about setting up and using Barcode scanners in the mobile app here.





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