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How do I import images and documents when importing from Excel?

You can create document linkages for items right as you update or upload them through an excel sheet. You can attach up to 5 public URL documents upon item import. To do this, add the 5 document links – separated by commas – into a column in your excel sheet. Remember to assign them the “Document attachments” mapping upon import.

Note: Dropbox links end with “=0” and need to be updated to “=1” for the Excel import to work. For example, the link  “” needs to be “”

You can also associate documents right from the EZOfficeInventory account library during the import (Items > Documents opens your account library). You would just have to replace one (or more) of the public URLs with the filename of the document.
e.g. “Flowchart12.jpg,

Lastly, you can now export a list of all your documents from Documents > Export Document Data. The export would include links to the URLs of each document.



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