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How do I get a list of late returns?

You may need to pull up a list of assets that were not checked back in (returned) on time. One common use case that we’ve seen is with checking out equipment in clubs, labs and schools. Say you want to encourage timely returns and by the end of every month give credits to the members who returned items on time. Or if you don’t believe in positive reinforcement (pun intended), you may want to charge fines. Here’s how you can go about it:
1) Reports → Assets → Check-in / Out Events
2) In Action dropdown on this report, choose Checkin. Select other filters if needed.
3) The three columns that you’ll need are
i. Checkin/Checkout Date: It’s the actual date and time of check in i.e. the time when an asset got returned
ii. Expected Return Date: It’s the expected return date and time i.e. the return date and time set at the time of check out
iii. Timely Return: It shows if the asset was returned on time or not. If it was returned on time, it says “Yes”.
4) The report can be exported to excel (csv) for further data manipulation e.g. calculating how late some one was. You can subtract the “Expected Return Date” from “Checkin/Checkout Date” to get the difference.

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