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At EZOfficeInventory, we are committed to providing an unmatched support experience. Here’s how to get in touch:

  2. Blog – great place to start off and read about our existing and upcoming features
  3. Feature Request – we want our community to be involved in helping us define the product roadmap. Placing feature requests here allow for others to view and vote on them

FAQs of EZOfficeInventory are listed below

Mobile Application

Setting up a Barcode Scanner with EZOfficeInventory (Mobile App)

EZOfficeInventory enables mass label scanning to help you process items quickly. In this post, we’ll take you through setting up a Barcode scanner on your EZOfficeInventory mobile app. To learn how to use EZOfficeInventory to set up a Barcode scanner on your PC or Mac, click here.

The EZOfficeInventory mobile app comes with Barcode scanning baked right in, using your phone or tablet’s camera to scan items quickly. However, if you have devices that are hooked up to terminals for self service, or you’d rather use an external Barcode scanner for some other reason, we’ve got you covered.

1) Configuring EZOfficeInventory
2) Configuring the Scanner
3) Using the Scanner
4) Tackling the Keyboard Input Issue (more…)

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Can I record data locally on my app and upload it when a connection is available?

At the moment EZOfficeInventory mobile app requires a live internet connection. We’re looking into the possibility of offline mode


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How to remove stock from inventory on the mobile app?

From the Inventory Listing Page on the mobile app, go to the inventory item’s detail page you want to remove stock from! For example, Lens cleaning solution (Stock Location: Warehouse in Manhattan) required for a photoshoot (See image below).

Inventory detail page

Note: The toggle ‘view by stock’ enables you to view stock quantity based on locations. For example, out of 5000, 500 eco-bags are located in a Warehouse on Brooklyn Road.

Hit the ‘Play’ button. Fill in the required quantity and price e.g. 10 at $5/unit. Click ‘Remove Stock’ when you’re done.

remove inventory stock

See the change in the inventory detail page once stock has been removed:

removed stock quantity

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Mobile App: Asset Management ‘On the Go’ [Video]

What it covers?

  • Learn the basic check-in/check-out workflows.
  • Use the barcode and QR Code scanner and carry out audits.
  • Use carts to streamline asset management.


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